How can remote workers contribute to cybersecurity

Cybercrime in the rise

Cybersecurity has always been a day-to-day struggle for most businesses. With the impact of COVID-19 now directly disrupting businesses and affecting the workflows of organizations worldwide there is a significant increase in the number of hacked systems, data breaches, and information theft in general.

We are seeing hackers, spammers, and sorts alike using this situation to their advantage and having a field day! Just a quick look at social networks reveals numerous overpromising posts, miracle cures, emotional appeals that lure people and range from money laundering, theft up to the adult industry, all sorts of stuff. Spam spike as hackers use coronavirus to prey on remote workers and highly-loaded IT systems and personnel, the number of phishing attacks using legitimate-looking emails that trick users into providing confidential data has grown dramatically yielding hacked accounts and theft of personal information, credit card data and accounting information.

We’re all affected

These malicious actors know very well that most company’s and governmental IT departments, as well as their security staff are currently overwhelmed and working to their limits. Whilst companies deal with information security and protect their IT systems, too often we see that the first line of defense is not adequately addressed – the workers. The staff and especially their remote work environments are usually less covered by company security policies and practices.

This is why it’s of utmost importance that all staff receives proper security awareness training, especially people not used to the home office, and that emphasizes the importance of information security and sets quality guidelines. In the end, the home may be a safe place but an online home certainly isn’t. Just because we’re sitting in the comfort of our own space, working but still feeling homey and relaxed, using the computer did not become any safer.

Awareness to the rescue

Contrary to what one might expect, the most viable solution to tackling these bad guys and protecting yourself and others isn’t an expensive piece of security software but it’s rather similar to fighting the spread of coronavirus, it is awareness – information security awareness! Remember, the more we know, the less we pay.

Our partners at Reflare, the world’s leading IT security training experts rose to the challenge and provided the ‘Work from Home’ offering – a 20-minute security course bundle of the three most impactful modules from their RCSE curriculum, aimed specifically at non-tech trainees who are working remotely!

This offering is delivered at no cost, aimed to help both individuals and small-to-medium businesses in getting their security baseline together during these challenging times.

For more information please be sure to check their RCSE Work-From-Home Training at

Enjoy your learning experience and stay safe!